Players Online = 127 From [1000] Slots

A Few Things To Consider

  • About GM There is no GM in the game. If you want to contact GM use Discord.MYSRO.EU
  • About Team We don't look for new Team Members. Please stop asking about it.MYSRO.EU
  • About Rules Before starting to play in the server please read and follow all rules.MYSRO.EU
  • About Asking Stop demanding things. We are not here to fill your dream requests.MYSRO.EU
  • About Game Server can be offline sometimes. Just wait until host will be back.MYSRO.EU

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Fort War (Sunday 20:00-22:00)

Jangan Fortressdummy (Tax 0%)

Bandit Fortressdummy (Tax 0%)

Hotan Fortressdummy (Tax 0%)

General Status

Server NameStampede
Server FilesVSRO (v1.188)
Game Versionv1.337
Silkroad Online Patch Note (SRO)Heroes Of Alexandria
IP Limit8 Clients
PC Limit4 Clients
Server RegionEurope (Romania)
Advanced FilterSR_Proxy
Silk / H2 Cookies Each H
Vote4Silk4 Cookies Each Run
Unique4Silk6 Cookies Each Kill
Event4Silk8 Cookies Each Bot
Donate4Silk100 Cookies Each $

Server Details

RaceChina + Europe
Mastery440 | 220
Skill & Level Cap110
Monster BaseAll Region Working
Gear Cap11 Degree
Last Gear (NOVA)EGY [A] & EGY [B]
Maximum Plus(+15) With Adv Elixir
Advanced Elixir*A+(1) & *B+(2)
NPC Items(1-9) Degree Clean
Stackable ItemsIncreased (50%)
Events (Auto)YES (EACH 30 MIN)
Auto EquipmentLEVEL (13-89)
Equip Own ItemsAFTER LEVEL 90

Game Rates

Party Exp99x
Drop Item33x
Gold Drop11x
Sox Rate3x
Job Rate44x
Stone Rate80%
Alchemy Rate2x
Forgotten World5x
Magic Pop25%
Gold (Start)10.000.000
Skill Points (Start)250.000
Gear Items (Start)LVL 1 (+7) CLEAN